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Are you thinking about building your dream home or tackling a long awaited major home renovation? The very idea of planning then managing a major project can be daunting and somewhat paralyzing, especially if you have little to no knowledge about the construction process. Hiring a professional to make your project a reality is really the only sensible option. Now the thought of entrusting your hard earned money to a complete stranger can be unnerving and leaving you with more questions like…

  • Who’s going to represent and maintain my “best interest”?
  • Will the builder I select be truly capable & highly qualified?
  • Is whoever I hire Trustworthy with Integrity?
  • Will I get a quality built home or project at the end?
  • Am I going to be treated fairly with pricing?
  • When my project is complete will they stand by and warranty their work?

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With over 3.5 decades of Exclusive Residential contracting experience, as a team we make the possibility of building YOUR dream home or project a Reality!

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My name is William “Bill” Bourgeois, and my mission has been to work alongside future and current home owners in representing their “best interest” when it comes to their residential projects or purchases.  With over 37 years experience and 100’s of successful projects primarily in the custom home industry I am able to work for my clients in many different capacities so as to sort out their dreams and ideas then transform them into reality. Born and raised in the beautiful state of NH residential construction is what I have lived and breathed for my entire working career. Building or renovating beautiful custom homes has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I give my clients the best service possible with integrity and a commitment to excellence.


Custom Design / Build

Building a home is by all means no easy task so building a truly "Custom" Home rises to a much higher and more challenging level of home building. So whether you are one of the two types I encounter regularly, the self starter go-getter type who has completed their research ended their endless hours of scrolling through Pinterest, Home plan sites and Design tutorials or you're the type that just has the dream of one day building a custom home, both types end up in the same place. No matter which you are eventually you are faced with the same questions... Where do I start and who do i call first. Under my Custom Design Build services we team up and methodically go through my specific process to Plan Design Build your perfect dream home. There is one single fact that always rings true in the world of custom home building and that is.. A Successful Project is a Well Planned Project. Together let's bring your dreams alive!

Project Management

Properly planning & managing any size project from the very beginning is key to it's success. Throughout my career I have seen this part of the process time and time again carelessly executed and left to play out on it's own with an "as we go" approach. This is the perfect formula for DISASTER! Underestimating the importance of having a strong management plan in place before hitting the "GO" button will put you on the path to failure and cause you to potentially lose thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in possibly every phase of the project. Realize that having a solid plan allows for preplanning and with that "time is saved" throughout every phase of the project. So whether you have a project underway or about to begin one know that it's never to late or early to develop your plan. Let's put together your projects money saving plan.

Owners Representative

No matter where you build or alter your property there are strict building codes and numerous regulations both at the city level and state level. Depending on what is involved in any given project building regulations can be long and complicated, require in depth knowledge of the regulations and will involve numerous outside professionals. Not following their specific process will cost you Time & Money. It is money spent wisely when you have the backing of a professional who knows the ins & outs of the city building codes, who has the skill to efficiently move the process forward and who has the ability to identify roadblocks while working through the process. Let me help you plan out your project and see it to completion.

Project Consulting

No matter what the task or job that is going to be taken on, when it comes to getting your building project planned out, designed, and built having an experienced home building professional by your side immediately puts you on the path to success. It is very common for many folks to start a building project on their own after obtaining basic tips and advice from family members, subcontractor friends and even from building supply houses like Home Depot and Lowes. Even though they all mean well and their advice in part is good advice many critical areas within the process is overlooked leading to potential over budgeting and even a disastrous outcome for the overall project. Regardless of the project scope and size expert advice saves you time & money. From simple to complicated projects consulting with an expert offers peace of mind for you and your family.

Renovations Rebuilding

Renovating or Rebuilding your home can be an absolutely worthwhile investment. Not only can a professional renovation of your home improve its quality and functionality even, it also adds equity and increases your property value in many positive ways. A professional renovation brings new life to your existing home. Bringing your existing home into the 21st Century by way of new design and technology will transform your spaces you now have into rooms your family will simply love, find more comforting and be proud of. Whether you renovate your Kitchen or remodel existing Bathrooms or build a whole New Addition onto your home the process always starts with gathering all your ideas establishing your vision & expectations. We then combine our expertise with your vision and make your dreams a Reality! Fall in Love with Your home all over again.

Real Estate Services

My Real Estate services run broad and wide. Here are few examples of what I am available for… ⦁ Selling - Personal residence, Investment property or Land ⦁ Buying - Purchasing of Residential or Commercial property. ⦁ Maintenance - Overseeing & Maintaining investment or personal property. ⦁ Management - Managing Residential or Commercial Rental Properties. ⦁ Assessment - Inspect & assess potential investment properties or land for development. ⦁ Inspections - Assessing existing or potential property for maintenance or potential investment. ⦁ Repairs – Assessing property for immediate repairs or regular maintenance requirements.



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