Over the years… I have had the opportunity of meeting lots of good and well-intentioned people who innocently decide to venture into custom home improvements and remodeling projects. Many Do-It-Yourselfers have multiple custom home projects under their belts. That’s Great! They have built up their confidence when it comes to custom home projects. Even Better! Then some even attempt major projects like full additions and incredibly enough complete custom homes! Not Always Good! But at those high level type projects most had no idea what they were up against but quickly found out. Custom home building isn’t for the DIY’er.


Unfortunately, with what I have seen I can firmly say that 70%+ of them ended up getting into some kind of trouble. The most common trouble simply comes from the lack of knowledge and experience. The second kind of trouble is unknowingly hiring unqualified builders or sub-contractors that were recommended by either friends or local supply houses.

Our beloved Big Box friends Mrs. Lowes and Mr. Home Depot convince the majority of people that residential projects are so easy to complete. They, without doubt, have the artful know-how to instill what I call that “false sense of ability” when it comes to building. Even before you walk through their doors that little little seed was already planted into your mind… Let’s build something together! or You can do it, we can help! LoL It is very effective and empowering and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t be using it.

I get a real chuckle at some of the situations people get into but in some cases I shake my head in total disbelief! Now I am not saying people are stupid and can’t do home repairs or renovation type work. What I am talking about is there are times that you can get in over your head because the process is far more complicated than what you were lead to believe. What most seem to not realize is that the big box supply houses have their own job to do too. That job is to get YOU to buy THEIR stuff, so once that happens their mission was a success. Their job complete!


Now you have a yard full of supplies. You are certain everything seems right. Suddenly your head is starting to fill up with all these questions that you thought were already worked out. Things start to get confusing and you now have an overwhelming feeling of doubt as to what you should be doing.  You may even be one of the fearless warrior types who forge full speed ahead anyway. Both these and many other types ALL end up at the same cross road asking the same question. What have I gotten myself into! and of course… My wife is going to kill me! LoL

As you can imagine it’s not a good place for anyone to be at. In many situations not only is there a possibility of getting hurt but more importantly you could potentially end up wasting tons of money. You could destroy building supplies, waste time due to needless delays or even hire bad sub-contractors! It is money wasted that you will never get back.

It is critical that every project be carefully planned out on paper and develop a course of action for it. When you go to the grocery store… You make a list! When you go on vacation… You plan it out and make reservations before you pack a single bag! When you want to build a major home project… You should call a Pro!

At different levels of involvement I can assist you by offering my professional services in plan development, project management or simple consultation that would save big money down the line.

Success in all your endeavors!