William Bourgeois

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My name is William “Bill” Bourgeois, and my mission has been to work alongside future and current home owners in representing their “best interest” when it comes to their residential projects or purchases.  With over 37 years experience and 100’s of successful projects primarily in the custom home industry I am able to work for my clients in many different capacities so as to sort out their dreams and ideas then transform them into reality.

Born and raised in the beautiful state of NH residential construction is what I have lived and breathed for my entire working career. Building or renovating beautiful custom homes has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I give my clients the best service possible with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

A Lifetime Of Exclusive Residential Contracting Experience

Are you thinking about building your dream home or tackling a long awaited major home renovation? The very idea of planning then managing a major project can be daunting and somewhat paralyzing, especially if you have little to no knowledge about the construction process. Hiring a professional to make your project a reality is really the only sensible option. Now the thought of entrusting your hard earned money to a complete stranger can be unnerving and leaving you with more questions like…

  • Who’s going to represent and maintain my “best interest”?
  • Will the builder I select be truly capable & highly qualified?
  • Is whoever I hire Trustworthy with Integrity?
  • Will I get a quality built home or project at the end?
  • Am I going to be treated fairly with pricing?
  • When my project is complete will they stand by and warranty their work?

Meet The Team

William Bourgeois

Projects Leader

Dennis Taylor

Projects Administrator

Craig Bourgeois

Financial Specialist

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