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Project Concepts

My name is William “Bill” Bourgeois, and my mission has been to work alongside future and current home owners in representing their “best interest” when it comes to their residential projects or purchases.  With over 37 years experience and 100’s of successful projects primarily in the custom home industry I am able to work for my clients in many different capacities so as to sort out their dreams and ideas then transform them into reality.

Ross Ave

As a concept the Ross Ave project is a very stylish and professional looking light commercial building made up of 8 privately owned commercial condominium units consisting of garage space on the first or ground floor with adjoining office space directly above on the second floor. This building was designed for the small distributor or tradesman style businesses.

Free Residence

As it is well known… The Kitchen is the Heart of the home. So with that having a kitchen that is well planned out and properly designed is worth its weight in gold. Functionality, style, quality, lighting, storage space, counter type, appliances etc. are just a few things that need to be considered when deciding on a final plan so don’t go at it alone. A seasoned professional will help you speed up the process but more importantly help you get it right the first time.