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My name is William “Bill” Bourgeois, and my mission has been to work alongside future and current home owners in representing their “best interest” when it comes to their residential projects or purchases.  With over 37 years experience and 100’s of successful projects primarily in the custom home industry I am able to work for my clients in many different capacities so as to sort out their dreams and ideas then transform them into reality.

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No matter where you build or alter your property there are strict building codes and numerous regulations both at the city level and state level. Depending on what is involved in any given project building regulations can be long and complicated, require in depth knowledge of the regulations and will involve numerous outside professionals. Not following their specific process will cost you Time & Money. It is money spent wisely when you have the backing of a professional who knows the ins & outs of the city building codes, who has the skill to efficiently move the process forward and who has the ability to identify roadblocks while working through the process. Let me help you plan out your project and see it to completion.


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